Meeting my crush - Episode 1

 Damilola Was (is) a very beautiful person, A very beautiful girl. So beautiful, when facebook suggested her as a friend I should add, the beauty caught my eye even with that little (Thumbnail) size you only get to see when the person has blocked strangers from viewing all photos or newsfeed.

So what am I waiting for??? 

I added!

Hehehhehe, I trust myself, who sees a babe like that and form child of God?.

"Hi" was first of the words I sent and as expected, she did all her lady 'shakara' asking who I was, how I got her and why I added her, but as a sharp guy, all those were answered off hand! And soon she was able to recognise me among her 2000+ friends. 

Funny enough, I was somewhere in school that day I added Damilola, unknown to me she stays somewhere very close to my school meaning she stays somewhere even closer to my house. So one day we got talking and soon our topic drifted slightly towards the condition of where we both live. She stays in a big house down the road that leads to my school, a very big house with a very big gate and 2 dogs - Marney and Barney. I knew all these because, as stubborn secondary school students, character demands that we do some things deemed 'act of misconduct'; we would throw stones at the big gate and Marney would come barking, followed gently behind by Barney, who doesn't really bark as all we see is 8 legs representing two animals (dogs) with only one barking. And after sometime, someone would come out shouting "Marney, Barney, get back!" and so eureka! We knew the names of those dogs. And when Damilola asked if I knew where really her house is, I answered her with so much detail she felt there was something more to me sending her a friend request quite randomly.

After much sweet talking and persuasion, She decided we would see whenever her parents were away. As if her parents had read our conversation, they both travelled down to whatever village they were from the next day and with the powerful intervention of the internet, I got it just as they were leaving and we both concluded we would see the next day; in her house.

Teejay was the only guy at that time with a good amount of accessory owing to his Mum dealing in jewellery. I had to stay at his for almost 3hours; he was away and I needed to look good for an appointment the next day.

Everything seemed right and well planned, except the fact that finally I'll be entering that house with a big gate just around my school. What if I met a teacher there?, what if her parents were actually home and she's the type that tells them about everything because I felt something was fishy with the way things were turing out in my favour and quite quickly too.

Fast forward to the next day and I was on a bike enroute to Damilola's. I did the right thing calling her before I left home and upon getting there and she told me to just walk right in as she has had the gate opened for me a little while ago. I felt like some guy, pushing the gate gently and closing it firmly behind me. There was only a door that led into the main building and years of peeping through the little spaces caused by poor welding didn't make that a task locating as I headed straight for it.

Oh My God, what is this!

Marney and Barney were the first to come welcome me . And for the first time I saw their (dog) faces and could easily identify each. I started calling out to Damilola as Marney was already barking profusely! I was hoping to do 'Big Boy' and just 'shush' them away then I felt something down my spine, I taught it was fear, but then realised Barney was already behind me, torn my cloth with its claws, gosh, that Dog was fast. These dogs weren't the type that would wait for you to provide an evidence that you're scared, they'll make sure you are! 

Still feeling damned about my torn shirt, cursing, calling out to Damilola and wishing I had a gun to burst both their heads, Marney was already eating away my trousers, wtf??

Not my trousers!!!! 

I took to my heels and ran towards the gate as these dogs weren't welcoming any bit, what kind of situation have I gotten myself into, how am I supposed to live for the next few hours after this, Damilola can't possibly see me like this, is this a dream? Its obviously not as one of the dogs has already pulled my heels and causing me to fall quite instantly, I stood up with a jolt and started running around the house, still screaming 'Damilola!' It all seemed like she has planned this beforehand, but what did I do to deserve this eh? What really have I done? One of my shoe was already pulled off and I just ran like that with one shoe in a leg and the other somewhere I don't know. Those shoes were new by the way :( 

"Barney! Marney!"

Someone called from the other side of the house, I felt terrible and thought I should just take my leave and tell her thank you, but then, there's a chance she never envisioned all these.

-"OMG kunle!, I'm so so so so so 

-"Don't worry about it"

-"No, Kunle, please, just please, I 
  forgot to lock them in their cage
  after going to open the gate for you, 
  I'm really sorry, oh my gawd, this is 
  rily embaraszingg!!"

  "Don't worry about it dammy, shit 

And so I got in. She was still very apologetic, feeling really bad as I got some water to drink and sat down quite uncomfortably, still feeling thos fellas might just break through the door and come for me.

  "Barney has never been this violent" 

Oh, really? I thought. Well I'm not surprised, the dog obvioulsy recognised my scent as one of those boys that gives them trouble and as used me as a scapegoat, a very terrible one. All this while I was still trying to keep my cool, forcing myself to smile and avoid her noticing my shaky hands and voice, as I was sweaty all over : my hands, legs, tighs, face, palms!
(Hehehehe I was scared like hell)

      "Is he here?"

"Who is that?" I asked sternly, still feeling like there's more bad stuffs to come as today for me was already a terrible one I would like to keep out of mind soon enough.

      "That's my big sis"

What? She's got a sister? Well, nothing is going to happen today obviously. I was thinking it would just be the two of us in the whole house, and you don't wanna have a guy like me with you alone in a house like that. I scoffed quietly talking to myself about how so not cool the day is turning out. 

Still wiping away sweats from my face and trying to settle in as a normal visitor, her sis came in. 


Wait, no one calls me that, except my church members who like calling people by their full names, 

   "Olakunle, is that you?"

Today was indeed f**kd! Lo and behold, my crush just walked in. Fadekemi, the girl I've been seriously crushing on in church and haven't really manned up enough to talk to. Not even a 'Hi'

  "What are you doing here Olakunle?"

That sudden cut you feel in your heart followed by heightened anxiety and finally leading to pain, was what I was feeling that instant with words becoming suddenly hard to find.

I had finally come to face with that beautiful girl in my Church choir, that... Girl -My crush

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dharmie GOLD said...

Wowww... Sorry dude, this is so interesting... Really can't wait to read more...

Bukola Samuel said...

Well, Thank You Dharmie Gold :)

Pweetie said...

This is so funny, thumbs up to you sammie

Bukola Samuel said...

Thanks Pweetie :D

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm Definitely looking forward to the next episode. With a writing like this I'd never get bored in a long time. Continue pls.

Miz Whale said...

This is really a nice write up, I would give anything it takes to read the next episode, keep the good work

Dora said...

Woow!! This is really a great job, I'm really glad this write up entails things I've been looking forward in our indigenous write up; the expression, gestures and indigenous act, I bet you know what I mean, I really do like this, for real *tumbs up*

Bukola Samuel said...

Well, Thanks Dora :). Really apprec8 that.

Bukola Samuel said...

Thank You Miz Whale, you're most welcome to check back for the next episode which will be posted soon enough.

Collizo4sky said...

It now over a week and stil, the episode 2 isnt out. Bro we are waiting. U are such a gud write. I read ur blog alot kip the gud work. Am stil waiting oh. Hurry up

Ohyehwandey said...

Dats my bro 4rm anoda ma.....ur head is stil blazin.....wit dis my compulsory stay @hme is abt 2 gt interestn,b fast wit d 2nd episode o