Meeting MY Crush Episode 2

I totally apologise for the time it took in posting this. I'm hoping by the time you read this trough, we'll be friends again. :)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Wow! Eight pictures on the wall. So much I'd say for family pictures. Even back at my house we seldom take family pictures let alone enjoy hanging them all around the parlour. 

I had to remind myself of the situation I'm currently in. 

How am I going to keep the torn part of this trouser out of sight. Well, sitting here for the past 10mins has been doing the trick so I guess I'll just have to sit a little longer and walk with 'closed laps' on my way out. Believe me, I don't wanna start describing the exact part of the trouser torn, but I will. Its not really serious, just in-between my laps and down towards my left knee

  "Olakunle what are You doing here?" 

Her voice hinted some elements of shock and excitement and I knew I had to give her a very prepared answer, one which I never prepared for.

  "He-hem, Fadeke, good afternoon" I said, forcing a smile and wiping a drop of sweat off my forehead. 

 "I came to see Dami. We've planned it before now."

  "Oh, you're her date?" She asked, this time sounding more brighter and very eager for an answer. 

I felt embarrassed and surprised.

 -"Did she say she had a date coming

 "Yes she did! Infact she had the whole house packing off today 'cus' of that, and I'll soon be on my way aswell, probably to a neigbhour's place"


I hadn't envisioned this buh, come on!, cut me some slack, a date? 
No ooo. I had come here just to secure another parole which hasn't been going as planned actually, not for a date!

And so, I stared into my crush's face thinking to myself Yes, I am having a date with your sister, and yes, you're my crush. What an awkward moment that was.

  "I'd be leaving now" she said after some time, with a bright smile emphasising well-painted lips and coloured face (women tho). She's definitely going somewhere. 

There was a contradiction of feelings. I should be feeling happy that finally my thoughts were working out and I'll (we'll) have the whole house to ourselves, but I wasn't feeling that. Instead I was feeling two things:
1. Excitement - I finally know where my Crush lives 
2. Worry - I'm about to 'get-down' with her sister.

I tried adjusting my sitting position to catch a full glance of Fade (My Crush) walking out of the house, and Immediately I tried that, there was a sound beneath me; my trouser had just torn some more. What a day. I looked at Fade walk out of the house like a prisoner watching one of his Co-Inmates who just gained freedom walk out of the facility. She's such a chick I thought to myself.

She was one of those innocent-looking pretty girls, with an innocent voice to go with it and also an aura that makes you wanna give your life to Christ over again whenever she leads worship during weekdays (Which I only started attending when I learnt she anchors those.)

Oh Fade, if only I could stop you this instant and tell you how a boy is feeling inside for you, but well, it's better I just let you go (for now) I don't think I've prepared enough to convey all of my thoughts towards you to you. 
She smiled softly at me and giggled like she's still welcoming a visitor as she closed the door leading to the compound gently behind her.

 "Kunle, hope you're not bored" 

I looked up and saw Dami in front of me looking good, hmmn, Dami sef no bad o I thought, too bad You're not the one I'm crushing on.

I replied with a smile and Dami sat beside me on the couch with a bunch of photographs intended for me to go through. 

I had a lot of questions to ask. Is Fade really her sister?, how come Fade attends my church and she doesn't?. They don't even look the least alike although both look beautiful in their own rights, if she's really called Fade at home?. What about their parents?. So many questions that the pictures before me would now answer. Fadekemi wasn't really her sister but a cousin who had stayed with them for quite a while and wasn't viewed as a cousin or niece to Dami's parents but a sister and a daughter in the order and Dami being the only child.

Dami noticed it, I would pick a picture of her and stare at it for only a few seconds, but would hold a picture of Fade for several minutes trying to get it stuck into my memory so I'd be able to reminisce on it when I leave there since I can't openly ask for a copy. 

This staring wasn't doing it, I'm gonna have to 'burrow' a copy of this very fine picture of Fade with me. 

" You seem to like my sister's pictures very well Kunle" Dami said, interrupting my thoughts. 

"Huh, not really, I'm just trying to determine if there's any resemblance between you two. She looks like you somehow but I can't seem to place where" 

"Well, leave those for now" she said, collecting the bunch of pictures from me and going to lock the door that leads outside as I quickly slid the one out and kept it under the sofa.

"We're on a date remember?"

Oh!, how did I forget. I wanted to butt in and ask why she told her Fade we're on a date, but I didn't want to give her the impression that I wasn't that interested in her now that my heart is pumping better for her Sister's course.

Dami came round, went into her room probably to return the pictures, but when she returned, she wasn't the same Dami that just left. 

Standing in front of me was one babe like that, wearing something in tiger print I can't even start to describe. Of all the thoughts that were in my head at that moment, the loudest seemed to be 'Damn!, see babe'

"Kunle, I've always watched your status on fb, even before you added me as a friend. I know you and recognise you very well, you even take the front of my house to your school every morning and I wouldn't lie I had a thing for you, 'buh' I didn't want to add you on fb 'cus' that might make me seem like I wanted you. But you're in my house now and we're both alone, its like a dream to me you know ?."

I was mute.

But then I had to act sharply. 

"Babe, I swear, I've always watched you too. Even before I added you. I took my time, 'cus' I didn't want to have you as friend and not be able to talk to you 'cus' I'm too shy owing to the feelings I got for you too."

-"oh really" she butted in.
-"yeah babe" 
-"awww" She said as she sat beside and leaned towards me, faces getting closer, I couldn't keep my eyes off what was in front of me, I never knew this girl had that much for a 'front' but it seems this whole dress has really put things at a better perspective and I could really see things I normally wouldn't see. 

Were we going to kiss? this is a kiss coming, I thought to myself as we kept on looking into each other's eyes and I could almost even feel her breath by now.


We kissed. 

Wait, this is why she told her sister she's having a date. She has placed me at a position I hadn't even imagined myself to be. This moment was it for her and she was probably kissing her crush right now. 

The thought of Fade came, but at this moment, only a tooth-removing-heavy blow on my left cheek would port me back to reality.

It was a long amateurish kiss.

The kiss kept on going.

It kept on going.

On going


And then I thought, I couldn't possibly just keep kissing. I tried to stop and tell her we should head to her room so I'd have more leverage, who knows, there could be some CCTVs in this big parlour, but she just continued, removing my buttons slowly as she did, 

"Wait" I told her as I helped my self pull the shirts off, you weren't thinking I was gonna stop her were you?. I ironed that shirt and I don't wanna be looking very rough on it on my way out coupled with this already disfigured trouser. I pulled it off, it was already sweaty and so she suggested she helps me put it in her room where there is a standing fan to blow it dry for some few minutes. 

She came back, this time her gown was more loose. I didn't even know if I should call it a gown, but I wasn't thinking straight and so a gown it was.

There was more making out and then she whispered. "This is my first time of kissing a boy and you happen to be my crush"

Eh ehnn! I talk am. I knew there was something more to this unstoppable style of kissing she's offering.
Then I replied : "This is also my first time" 

Hehehehehehehe. She was ecstatic, but for real, who would look at me and believe such?, she did anyway. 

2mins later, my torn trouser was off, her gown was off, My boxers was only on, hers was also only Undies. Things were getting intense, her eyes were closed already, mine was open just to locate where my hands were travelling to. Noises were soft.

And there was knock on the door.

We paused...

...and then there was key sounds in the lock.

1. If it were her parents, then I'd probably get some slapping and continuous tapping on the back of my head that would automatically provide them GPS service taking them to my house as tapping my head from behind would only act as locator.

2. If it was Fade, then the whole of the choristers group in the church would know that that boy always attending weekday service and has written a proposal to join the church's choir is actually a rogue. And I'd blow my chance of ever letting her know I'm crushing on her or her even having any feelings for me. 

3. If it was any other person, my shirt wasn't in the parlour, and wearing my trousers that fast would only tear it the more. 

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That sharp Nike said...

Hmmn, nice twist. So either way you're doomed. I look foward to the new twist this woulkd take, you have a way of twisting our heads. Go ahead. :) great write up.

BenGer said...

Hmmnnn, Fade reminds me of one girl in my church toooooo. good one bro.

olamide alfred. said...

Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!... O tu ni prt 3. 9ja writers sha. Hmmm... I come dey wish say ah b dat guy for dt enta d action part... But as anoda key dun dey roll insyd key lock again nw... Guy! Ah no wan b dat guy again oh. Oyo! Lmao. Nice write up. Guy provide prt 3 sharp sharp or else.... *running to a merchant dealer*

Princess said...

"If it were her parents, then I'd probably get some slapping and continuous tapping on the back of my head that would automatically provide them GPS service taking them to my house as tapping my head from behind would only act as locator. "

hahahahahahahahha! The tapping, with you on boxers down the street. Mheen, I'll really like to read abt that.

Ohyehwandey said...

hmmmm....yawa don gas 4 u o

the yoruba seeker said...

So so nice part 2 please it me taiwo the fuji guy from oou postume

Bukola Samuel said...

The Yoruba Seeker I sight you bro. Thanks for reading through.

Thanks everyone for reading too. Check back soon for episode three.

the yoruba seeker said...