'Meeting My Crush' - Episode 3

 The elders have said it all - If you go farther into the forest, You're likely to see all sorts of beings you've never imagined existed. 


It kept feeling like every single part of her body was different, foreign, new and never-before-seen; the more my hands explored deep in to the warm parts. 

At that same moment, there was a mixture of both our perfumes and the new fragrance was of desperation and desire. In my head were silent whispers of 'damn! see babe, dammnnn! Seee baaabe' every other thing seemed so far away, like my trousers of course. 

For an amateur, I couldn't tell the difference when it came to how Dami was giving it to me! (hehehehe) and except the fact that she seemed so concerned about the kisses, every other thing seemed natural. 

Things started getting hot, tense, wild any other adjective that suits a rush of emotions emphasised with actions. I was going to Neverland! Yes, Neverland it was with how desperate we both were acting like little children being thrown a couple of cabin biscuits and all my hands could do was Grab Grab Grab Grab!

       'Kram krom kran'

That noise wasn't disguised, definitely, someone was at the door!

I paused, and Dami noticing my in-action, paused too.

   "Someone's at the door" I said.
  - "yeah, I know"
  - "So, you know ?"
  - "Yes"
  - "sooooo"
  - "Never mind, it could be my sis"

What? Oh, now I get it, Dami wasn't concerned if it's Fade, after all, they're both girls and the latter knows her sister's currently on a date, meaning anything that comes up is in direct relation to that. No biggie.

But I can't let Fade see me like this na!

 'Chineke meee' I thought to myself. 'Na which kind kasala be dis ?' My crush can't meet me on boxers in her parlour na

The key kept manipulating the lock but it seemed whoever was on the other side of that door wasn't getting it right. Probably using the wrong key in the bunch.
Dami stood up and made for the door, Alas! The key was still in the lock on our own side and so, unless it is removed, no one can open the door from the outside. 


I felt a breeze of relief blow past me, Dami going to open the door alone has bought me enough time to put on my trousers and look composed as possible as its a 'no dulling' situation.

   "Who's at the Door!", Dami shouted, making it obvious whoever it was, came at the wrong time.

   "Dami, open the door jor!"

That soft voice, oh, My Fade is back.

I quickly sat upright, and realising I was sweating, took a quick swipe of my face on the sofa.
Dami opened the door reluctantly and holding it in place as Fade burst in, gave me a gentle smile while walking into the inner parts of the house, probably into the room they both shared. There was no way she'll ever know I just gave her Sis her very first smooch, I thought.

I was feeling so relieved how it all turned out, knowing it could have been worse. I was already in my Trousers and obviously Fade should know I pulled my shirt 'cus' I was sweating.

  "Fadeke, I'm waiting for you o" Dami screamed, while still holding the door in place, expecting Fade to hurry up with whatever she came for and head straight outside.

Fade came out holding her phone's charger in hand, a clear indication she came for that. She was walking out, carefully taking her steps and I wonder if she's even aware she's doing that, as I watched every nick of her shape, so graciously proportioned, move with youth and elegance. She walked past me and I was expecting her to leave just like she earlier did but She looked straight at me, gave that killer smile of hers and mouthed the words- 

         "I want to see You"

I nodded, gave her a smile and tried to look serious. She wanted to see me, and my head could not think of anything at all; My head was just blank. I couldn't seem to reason why she'd want to see me. For what? Did she notice the lipstick stains on my cheek and neck?, or my half done zip?, no way! I thought hard but nothing came.

     "Hey, don't mind Fade" Dami said, humping right back into the sofa and beside me, feeling excited like a puppy waiting for another throw. 

   "Fade said she wants to see me" I muttered, acting as innocently as possible.

   "Don't mind her, she probably wants to tell you something crazy about me.

I noticed something and I wasn't sure about it. I saw Fadeke put her mouth close to Dami's ears and whispered something. I didn't want to sound intrusive, but at the same time, I wanted to be sure this new found game I'm playing with these sisters doesn't end prematurely, as I'm only in Stage one, and Stage two hopefully would be with Fade. I was very curious and so I had to ask stylishly.

 "Dami, wait, did Fade tell you
  something naughty about me?"
 -"When ?"
 -"When she whispered in your eyes"

She giggled and replied.
 "Fadeke whispered in my ears and not
   my eyes"

I felt a little disturbed sensing my desperation has been noticed but I still needed to know and so I took it as it is and pressed further.

  "Fadeke said Dad and mom would be
  bck in a short while"
 -"Oh!" I said. Shocked at how lightly she's taking it.
 -"Aren't you worried about that? 
  Besides I thought you said they 
  travelled, how come they'll be bck
  soon?" I queried further.

I could remember that look she gave me. Something like 'wetin dey do this one' look 

I later got to understand that its the case of the lifestyle of 'An Ajepako' being quite different from that of 'An Ajebutter'.

  "I told them earlier today I'll be 
   having a date with a friend and 
   they're cool with it, so what should 
   I be worried about?"

She spoke so tactful, obviously aware of the conflicting lifestyles we live owing to days (and nights) of constant chatting before now.

'Chineke mee' choi! See life. So this girl can have friends over, not just friends, but male friends, and her parents wouldn't protest, I thought to myself. Back home, if You dare carry a Babe to 'Iya Kunle' and 'Baba kunle's' house; first, you'd explain the superpower you posses that made you even think of doing what your Ancestral siblings never did! Your biggest sister never did it, your bigger sister never did it, even your big sister didn't dare bring a 'Boy' to the house, let alone your long line of elder Brothers, so why would you even try it; After passing the first test of proving to them the superpower you posses, you'll then give them a good reason why they shouldn't give you and your visitor corporal punishment of which 'stood-down' is the least on the list. Mhen, don't let me crack you.

So I was in great awe and tried to picture myself in her shoes, but that didn't even work as it only made me more scared and worried of having to face her dad when he comes. There were only two choices: Either I take my leave now or in another 5mins, staying back isn't even an option.

   "Kunle, do you love me?" 

Wha? When did that one happen? Girls sha. Is it cuza the kiss we just had now you're asking me this very impromptu question?
Should I say yes, should I say no, or should I just try something else?

Anyway, as a sharp guy, things like this never hit me with too much shock. And so I did what was right (or smart). I quickly held her by the chin and gave her a soft kiss which developed only into more 'grabbing' and 'caressing'

We kissed for a long while and I tried my best at being a gentle man and not give her any reasons to worry of aches around some parts of her body when I'm gone.
The light (power) came on and we stopped thereafter, I was already planning to take my leave and call it a day, afterall, It came with some silver linings and I couldn't deny that. But I was sweating and so, I took the opportunity of the light currently on to get myself some air with the ceiling fan now going in the traditional slow-to-fast pace it rolls.

There was laughter from outside, and Fade came in with a big luggage. 

   "Oh!, dad's here!", Dami said with a jolt. I could see the whole daddy's girl thing all over her by now. 
Mtcheeew, all these 'botti girls sef' I thought. 
Everything was normal. At least I wasn't sweating and my trouser was already on, although torn, it still looked good as long as I was sitting in the current position I am.
A fair woman walked in, pretty and quite attractive for her age, she was scenting of a familiar fragrance and I could tell almost immediately that was Dami's mom. 

I quicky gave my back a bend while still seating on the chair, a gesture for respect while greeting her welcome.

  "Eka san o", she replied me, looking straight into my face trying to pick if she's seen me before and wondering how come I'm in their house. Dami quickly came to sight,
    "That's my friend I told you was 
      coming to see me today"
    "Oh!, you mean your date" the woman replied, this time giving in a little smile. 
    " Yes mom" Dami replied obviously embarrassed I'm only learning that form everyone else and not what we both planned at the onset.

    "Okay, he's quite cute, What's your
     name young man?"
   -"Kunle ma"
   -"hmmnn, is that Olakunle or 
   -"Olakunle ma."
   -"okay dear, hope Dami welcomed you
      well, she made sure every one in 
      the house was away today because
     of her date" 

She spoke with so much detail as if to purposely tease her daughter and at that moment, it all seemed like a bad dream, bad because I could never imagine parents could tease their own children, and this was just too much for a reality. Even with the current psyche I posses at that time, parents would still spank their children in the heavens.

 The dad walked in at that moment, smiling and looking straight at me. 

  "Hello there"
 -"Good evening sir"
 -"We're so sorry to spoil your fun but 
  the 'go slow' from Abule-Egba to 
  Sango was just too hectic and so we 
  had to forgo our travelling to 'mama' 
  at the village today till some other
  time. Hope Fade left the house for 
  you two?"

  -"Yes dad she left the house" Dami replied.

I could see a Man, a Dad by all features and character, but his words were too much a contrast to his outlook. I was expecting all the questions and 'mean look', but this is a Man that just apologised to his daughter for coming back to his own house! His own daughter! His own house!

'omo, na wa ooooooo'

   "You're welcome gentleman"
  -"Thank You sir" I said, feeling very foreign amongst them. 
They later went farther into the house and there was silence.

Wait, there's something amiss. Even though they greeted me with much cheer, I could tell from the way the mom kept staring at my chest.

Oh! MY shirt!

How could I have forgotten that.

  "Dami, pls help me go get my shirt"
 -"okay, but are you leaving now?, cus I
   don't want you to leave yet."
 -"I'm not leaving yet, not when your 
   dad and mom are so friendly, I
   wouldn't want to give them the
   impression I left cus they returned, 
   so I'm not leaving so soon"

Dami was about propping herself up, when the Dad entered into the sitting room and to where I was sitting down, he was holding my shirt, still on his own attire, but this time he wasn't smiling. 

  -"whose shirt is this? And what is it 
    doing in my room?" 
  -"hu-hum, eh, that's... mine sir"
  -"oh!, so you mean to tell me, this 
    whole palour, as big as it is, its my 
    room you chose to throw your shirt 
    in and on my bed?"

 I gave Dami quite a look, but it appears she too was confused and so that couldn't make her more worse than she already feels.

Fadeke walked in.

  -"Daddy, eh," 
  -"Yes Fade"  
  -"sir, I huh, that shirt 
    huh.. hum.."
  -"Shut up!!!!!"

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You dis yeye boy, which kind heart attack you wan gv person, we're complaining of asuu strike and you're here adding your own suspense to the whole drama. Take time ooo. I'm enjoying this sequel by sequel. Sometimes, I'll have to go bck to the previous ones inorder to be able to understand some lines.
You're a writter with a bad boy smile. Keep it up.

~Mz Kabby

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