So we've all heard the expression "First Impression lasts longer" well, Thanks to Yahoo, we've been given 3 more tips to add to our wardrobe of creating good first impressions.

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1. Hold steady eye contact
A man should look deeply into a woman's eyes, even lingering and holding her gaze a bit too long after she's finished speaking. It creates excitement and puts her on edge, a sensation that generates the impression, "There's something going on here."

For women, try this trick: Make eye contact, then allow your eyes to lower a little, looking at his chest. Look up again, as though he's caught you checking him out, and give a small smile. You'll absolutely get his heart racing. If you find your eyes wandering away from the speaker, make a study of the eyes. How long are the lashes? Are they a uniform color? How far apart are they? Just be sure not to let your analysis distract you from the conversation too much.

2. Give an engaging handshake
A basic strong handshake requires that you place your hand firmly and fully in the other person's "so the webs touch" (at the base of the thumbs). Make your handshake special by taking the contact a step further: Place your pointer finger lightly on the vein of the other person's wrist. The imperceptible connection generates an emotional response almost as though you've touched the heart.

3. Find the perfect body position
Ladies, break convention and stand just a bit too close.

Americans who don't know each other stand an average of 24 inches away, but close friends close the gap to about 18 inches. To make him tingle, position yourself so you face him fully, a little closer than you ordinarily would. Your body language is expressing a desire to get closer, to be more intimate.

Guys: If she's trying the tip above, go with it — you've already made a good connection! Otherwise, that kind of proximity could be threatening to a woman.

Try turning your body away a little, but keep your face focused on hers.

There you have it. Be sure to try something new out next time you find yourself in such a situation.

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