Sport [FOTOgrab] : Can anyone explain Zlatan IBRAhimovic's choice of a Sports Bra?

 It’s not a sports bra: there’s a good reason behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s new look |

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never struggled to attract headlines in his footballing career, but the post-match of Paris Saint-Germain’s friendly defeat to Real Madrid led to the striker grabbing the spotlight for an entirely new reason.
Swapping shirts after the 1-0 pre-season loss in his native Sweden, Ibrahimovic revealed a bikini-esque outfit underneath his PSG kit.
Far from broadening his impressive resume with a stint as a glamour model, Zlatan – according to Deadspin – is sporting a performance-tracking kit designed by GPSports.
The tracker, according to their website , has numerous benefits, enabling analysts to compare a number of aspects of a player's game to maximise their performance. Perhaps Perhaps disconcertingly for the never knowingly over-exerted Zlatan, it also quantifies work rates...
The British Lions used a similar piece of technology recently

on their rugby tour of Australia - but the difference in this instance was that the tracking was done via chips sewn directly into their shirts, rather than worn as a separate garment:
But even if the unique get-up is for legitimate sporting performance purposes, it nonetheless evoked memories of when US women’s footballer Brandi Chastain infamously peeled off her shirt after scoring the penalty which won her nation the 1999 World Cup final:

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