Funny or Nut : Pop Star Justin Bieber Hurls Saliva At Fans From Balcony

This Justin Beiber can 'sha' like to do crazy things ... Does it come with growing up?

Anyway, The Daily Mail reports that Justin Bieber was at it again on Thursday as he was photographed spitting over a hotel balcony onto a crowd of waiting fans.

Showing just what he thought of the throng of adoring girls, the pop superstar can be seen hurling saliva over them ahead of his concert in Toronto as his amused friends looked on.

After the disgusting act, the star seemed to be pleased with himself, turning to his group of admiring friends to laugh.
His impressed pals joined in with the tearaway teen and then they all crowded around him as he took a snap on his phone.

Seeing the reaction from his legions of loyal fans, Justin seems to get even more amused and starts filming them on his phone.
With his friends looking on, the star grins as he snaps away at the people below him, who have just been showered in his saliva.

Justin Spitber!

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