BENEFITS OF BEING SHORT.. oh I wish I was shorter now

As Hilarious as it might seem, short People always seem to have the last laugh.

Some years back, My mum took me 2 a party and we were given gifts according to our heights!
 I had a sour feeling all through that day because, although I was in my teenage years, I was really short and kids younger than my self got better gifts as a result of their Vertical prowess.

My fellow 'shorties' below are some benefits of being short!!:

You can fit in more places.

You do not get stuck in small places.

You can duck faster.

You can get up faster when you fall

You do not have to duck your head
down to fit in a small door.

You can Easily get into a bus through its window..


To be sincere that's just some lame "condolence" reasons, let's go for the main thing now!

Do you know, Research reveals that Short People Live Longer?
Well that's true!

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Scientists have discovered that the
hormone which controls height, called the
Insulin-like Growth Factor, also controls ageing.
A low level of IGF means a longer
life expectancy.
Evolutionary biologist Dr Armand Leroi observed the link in a study on worms which, like mice and dogs, have the same
insulin-based growth system as humans.

Dr Leroi, a 6ft Dutchman who works at
Imperial College, Ascot, Berkshire, said:
'We know that big dogs seem to die early in
life while smaller dogs enjoy more longevity.
'Dwarf mice, whose growth has been deliberately stunted, live up to 75 per cent longer than their normal-sized neighbours.
'New studies are showing this link also exists in humans. Many small people have deficiencies in IGF and there's a suggestion
they live longer.'

'The idea that poor people tended to be
short and to die earlier may have been true,
but the signs now are that the trend is in
The new thinking is reinforced by the work of American scientist Tom Samaras, who
carried out a study on thousands of players in the Baseball Encyclopaedia. He discovered that every extra inch of height
shortened a player's life by 1.2 years!!!

The news will be a major psychological boost for those who believe they have been victimised by the 'sizeist' movement.

So that's just one of many reasons why being short is a GOOD thing!!

I enjoy you to let go of the feeling that your being short will be a reason why you might loose so many opportunities, and embrace the hope of a long life as it is known that When there's life , there's hope and we all know that Hope is the bread one takes to Strengthen oneself in cases of delayed opportunities...
(Hope that's much of a word of encouragement) :)

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thomas t samaras said...

New research supports Armand Leroi's thesis that shorter people live longer.

The first study to evaluate a broad range of research on human body size reports that both shorter height and smaller body size promote slower aging and greater longevity. The study was just published in the Journal of Scientific Research and Reports. The author reviews eight different types of research that show shorter height or smaller size provides a longevity advantage. A variety of evidence is given showing that women live longer than men due to their smaller size. The article is entitled: Evidence From Eight Different Types of Studies Showing that Smaller Body Size is Related to Greater Longevity.

Samaras’s paper is consistent with Professor Bartke’s observations in the journal, Gerontology, that there is considerable evidence supporting the concept that smaller body size is healthier. Bartke is Director of Southern Illinois University Aging & Longevity Research Laboratory. The new paper also supports many previous studies, including a 2014 paper from Hawaii that found shorter men live longer. The paper was written by He, Morris, Grove and others and was published in May in PLOS One. It tracked 8000 men for over 40 years.

This new review of various findings contradicts the
Samaras, the author of the study emphasizes that regardless of whether one is short or tall, staying healthy is mostly related to following a healthful diet and lifestyle. For example, a plant-based diet, regular exercise, low weight for height, good medical care, not smoking, higher socioeconomic status, social networks, and effective stress management are more important than one’s height. Therefore, many tall people can live to 100 years of age in spite of these findings.

Over the last 35 years, the author has published in medical, nutrition and scientific journals, including 40 papers, book chapters and books on the relation between human body size and longevity. Last year, he published a paper on height, health and heart disease in the Indian Heart Journal. He is also the author of the pioneer book on height: The Truth About Your Height. Exploring the Myths and Realities of Human Size and its Effects on Performance, Health, Pollution, and Survival—now on Kindle.

Samaras’ most recent paper is available free from the internet: (see: minireview)

More information on height, nutrition and longevity available from:

Contact: Thomas T. Samaras, author of paper: tel: 858 576-9283
San Diego, Ca. USA