Nigeria: Reps Say No Going Back On Power Privatisation

First, what's privatisation?

Privatisation is The deliberate act of government to "give out" all or some of its ownership of an enterprise (company) to Private Individuals. That's the easiest I can find :)

I've been experiencing the epileptic power ever since I knew myself as a Nigerian back in the days when we shout "UP nepa!" and all.. (What a shame)

Now its PHCN and there's been nothing different to talk about.. Same old story of having power cut-off from time to time (within Minutes to be precise)

We are all looking up to God because Indeed He is the first Maker of anything called light.

    So, Chairman of the House of Representatives
Committee on Power, Hon Patrick
Ikharhiale, has supported the federal government's decision to privatise the
power sector, saying that is the only way that Nigeria can break out of the shackles of irregular power supply.

   Ikharhiale, who said this while briefing journalists over the weekend, said the legislature had expressed its support for the privatisation exercise because having discovered in the course of its oversight functions that over 60 percent of this nation's problems is irregular power supply, and unless the private sector invests in the power sector, the government will not be able to achieve any progress.

  "Power should not be left in the hand of the federal government; it would not work.

Unless the private sector is allowed to participate in the generation, transmission and distribution of power, not much will be achieved," he declared.

He also revealed that the federal
government had concluded all
arrangements for the privatisation of the power sector, but advised that the horse
should not be put before the cart, and as such, all ongoing projects in the sector should be completed so that investors would be attracted to put in their resources.

The lawmaker explained that the federal government had generated enough megawatts but needs private participation for the distribution to the end users, even as he stressed that government lacked enough funds to maintain the plants.

Culled from All African Press

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