Is Beyonce Really Pregnant ? - Again ?

This has been able to let me want to know as much as you want to know and thanks to MediaTakeOut, it seems we're now getting somewhere. 

According to MediaTakeOut, Jay Z is having a baby . . . and this ain't rumor either, it's 100% FACT!!! MediaTakeOut com has been hearing rumors for MONTHS that Jay has been trying to get his wife PREGNANT, and now she IS PREGGERS!!! How can we be so sure. Well according to a SNITCH that works at the Barclays center, Bey usually drinks VODKA - but this time she told servers to server her ONLY CUCUMBER WATER. And she was spotted in the private VIP area popping ORGANIC FOLIC ACID tablets. For those of y'all that DON'T KNOW - it's essential for pregnant women to take FOLIC ACID supplements early on in their pregnancy.

We hear rumors that Bey JUST FOUND OUT that she's pregnant - and that she and her husband are OVERJOYED!!! Good news is the pregnancy won't likely disrupt the couple's tour this summer - since they'll be done before Bey's in her third trimester.

In the direct quotes of MediaTakeOut :
"This is a EXCLUSIVE REPORT - trust us - it's FACTS IN HERE. Members of the press are required to CREDIT US if they use information from this article.

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