Blessings in Doubles and Triples as Couple Have Triplets And Twins Within A Year

It may sound weird but it is true, an American couple was blessed with triples and twins in a span of one year.

Well, to clear the confusion ,Andy and his wife Sarah were trying to have a baby for three years, until the doctor told them that they could not have children.

They were also informed that the treatment would cost them in the range of $60,000, however the chances of Sarah getting pregnant was only 10 per cent.

The couple decided against the treatment and went ahead and adopted the triplets.
While the triplets were in the neo-natal unit, Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to twins when the triplets were only 8 months old.

The couple is very excited with their big family and is being helped with childcare and meals from their close-knit community.

*Andy and Saray with their kids

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