14-year-old Nirmala Toppo is the heroine of Rourkela, an industrial city located in the Indian state of Odisha, after she talked the elephants that had invaded the settlement into returning to the forest.

The Catholic girl from Jharkland claims she began talking to elephants after her mother was killed by some pachyderms. "I
then decided to learn the techniques to drive them away".

The technique Nirmala refers to involves praying and literally talking to the elephants. "First I pray and then talk to the herd. They understand what I say". By using these simple "tricks", the girl helped the authorities of Rourkela deal with a herd of elephants that had settled in a residential area of the city. "When the herd entered
the city, we tried our best to contain its movement. We managed to make the herd go into the local football stadium, but we were not sure how we could drive them
back to the forest. It was a difficult task," forest official P. K. Dhola said. Out of options and pressed for time, they remembered that there was someone who could help them. "We knew of a tribal girl who lived in Jharkhand, who talked to elephants and was able to drive them back.

We called up her father and she arrived along with some other tribal people from her village".
Nirmala didn't disappoint her people: she walked many miles with the elephants, until she got them back to the forests. This caused her infectious blisters on her feet, but as she states, "the infection is now gone and my wound has almost dried up". Although what Nirvala did worked as a charm, there are skeptical voices that doubt her methods. For example, the social activist Rabi Pradhan points out that there are no scientific studies demonstrating that elephants understand human vocabulary.

Indeed, if there was a study
asserting that, elephants would have to be polyglots. However, Nirmala claims that she speaks her tribal language when she addresses the elephants and that this is why they understand her.

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Gen. Bass said...

According to science, this is not too strange. Even the bible attests to different instances of wild animals obeying instructions.