MUST READ : On a More Serious Note ; Ladies Should Wear 'BUM BUM'

By : Mr. 2Baba 4 2015


Call it 'Butt Pads', 'Foam Bum', Quick supplements; I couldn't possibly discern between the Real thing or otherwise [and most guys can't]

What's this one saying ehn?!, what do you mean by ladies should start wearing 'bum bum', ehn, how come, when its a shame they're trying to claim what isn't theirs and cheating those blessed with this commodity (hoping I spelt that correctly; Eco's class been a while)

Okay, now someone's feeling like they're making sense. Hmmn.. Take it easy

Actually, this is a more serious matter than You can think.

If You're a lady, a beautiful one and 'African' by essentials, you can laugh your way through this whole post, grinning @ your sheer good luck, but, well, if reverse is the case, just keep that straight face, the one You're keeping now 'cus' I'm gonna defend you till the end (you can contact Bukola Samuel Later on for my enquiries and pay sha)

Guys! this one's a 'blow' right in your faces, don't lie o... Remember We're guys, there's nothing to really lie about here, its how we're programmed...

He he he

Imagine this Scenario : [True Life story 'tho']

You're walking on a familiar street, one you go through very often,
You see this chick - this 'sumptuous' chick... You can either assess her immediately or choose to be a soldier and just move on, but if you decide not to act military-ish, and do the 'regular' thing:

1. First, You scan her face to see if she's got just the moderate cheeks with 'NO MARKS!' and yeah, you immediately guess if she'll be beautiful at second glance, and of course she is!!!

2. Within 5secs! , your eyes go over her hair, hmn, nice hair do.. Fringe, braz, Braid, bla bla bla, - okay, she looks good - settled.


3! You look through her clothing sharply, But that's not just what you see... You see curves.

- Numerator and Denominator and You're wowed!

4. Now your head is standing... Still within 5secs, You try to smile from that far, she can't see you 'tho', but You're glad you got to see another chick this hot afternoon...

-My brother, Now You want to finish this movie You've been cracking Your head to get so quickly, and for this whole movie to make sense, you got to watch it till the end, and yeah, then would you know to ask if its available at the cinemas for all to see or just for personal viewing at home as this ending would determine your next move bro...

You're tempted to just walk past this lady and keep going ... Bro, yes, that would mean You're that much of a gentle man, but this afternoon is just exceptionally hot and you've got to make the least fun you can out of it...

You just saw a good looking Babe, and judging by the way her trouser hugs tightly to the curves of her waist like a child holding the very back of its Yoruba Mother, this very trouser seemed to have been stretched to its elastic limits, she's a good sight indeed, but like I said, this afternoon is quite hot and You can't seem to discern if it's you that's having a hard time all day and getting an anxious feeling for no reason, or 'THIS'

Alright... Let's just walk past this Lady and let's know what would happen next, whether You'd look back like lot's wife or keep going like a fugitive.

5. Bro... Just as expected, You looked back!

Yes yes yes, hahaha!

You looked back...

It was quite a hard decision, But yet, You think You might have made the right one.

You looked back!

Most guys would be getting killed with guilty conscience .. Did I mention, You shouldn't read this with Your GF (or wife) not for anything... Really, not for anything, Just those questions (mhen)... Just those

" it true, do you do this too?"
" you do this often?",

Yeah, we don't do this often oooo, just once in a while, or to be more clear, whenever we're not walking out with You, if that is once in a while (lol)

Hmn... Bro, remember you've looked back sha, Yeah, finally, You've looked back after a long drama of convincing yourself that this is only normal; something you do everyday, and how come, You've looked at the packaging from the front, even a JJC wouldn't buy a fone at Computer Village without looking at both the front and back, and if possible, open this back -Atleast to check the battery life na.

Hmn, Bro, She passed right beside you and when You gave your neck a lil twist, You saw it...

Yes bro, you saw it...
And it was like...
"In the beginning"...
it was Empty and Void...
Very void...

That taste of disappointment right there in the base of your tounge...



"Come on"

"After all that ... All th'"


Then, that whisper in your head...

"Atleast eh, atleast!"

Atleast she could have worn 'bum bum' sebi?

Then it dawned on you. If only she had worn 'bum bum', she'd have been the next big gist you'd crack with your guys when next there's a hangout- about this hot chick you met down the road, and how she's the reason Olamide sang Stupid Love in the first place.

But she didn't wear bum bum.

Ladies!!! This is a warning...

To be more frank, let's take this off the rational approach...
We don't need to start trying to make sense out of this...

If You have 'bum', like the average thing, You can try wearing 'bum bum', You know, so now You'll have 'bum bum bum' i.e bum ( the one you have) + 'bum bum' (the one you're wearing).

Now, if its that You don't have at all, good! You just got yourself a new pair of 'rears'

But... I've seen this one before -

If you've got 'bum bum' before - like the real thing- why wear 'bum bum' again...? Do you even know how that sounds???

Now you have 'bum bum bum bum'

That's ridiculous. I really don't wanna see that anytime soon, I'd be forced to look away cus that'll be way off the version of my 'OS'


I don't know if I should stop here or keep going but all the same, let the ladies look good for crying out loud.
Its not their fault, if those things were paid for, they'd have asked for their life savings beforehand and pay for these things before they were born without minding how miserable their lives might turn out. [That's the truth]

But really ladies...

Imagine if you were hooking up with a guy and off go your faithful undies and then…wait a minute, why is there foam in your panty butt? Is there a whole cult of butt pad wearers that I'm oblivious to? Is this a fairly normal item in the average girls closet?

I rest my case.

Let's all remember it can only be 2baba 4 2015 ! I have my reasons...

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