MUST READ : On a More Serious Note [2] - WHAT IS THE KOKO?

Come to think of it ...

What Is The Koko?
Who is The koko?
Where Is the Koko?

Believe me peeps, The questions could go on...

All along, I knew it; When an Igbo and a Yoruba Man gang up for something (Anything) , there's no more beauty beautiful in such art of Mischief or Treachery

Reason -

An average Igbo Man is a Money Thinking Device -like seriously- (MTD)

An average Yoruba man is a Trickster -no hating.

So what else (in Sarkodie's Voice)

They came to us back in 2002, looking so innocent with good music, promising to tell us that there's something to gain, something that's has eluded us all this while, something by sitting every 3 minutes to listen to every new joint they've cooked, we might just hear them say what really the Koko is.

But we never got it, did we?

From Tongolo to Oliver...

Nothing, really, No KOKO

Now they're no longer together, practically, so, how do we get our money back, or what the koko is???

So I'm saying this... Not for anything o, but so we could clarify our minds that we're not being fooled, D'banj and Don Jazzy, come back together ooo!

We need the Koko!
Atleast we need to Know the Koko!

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