FOTOgrabs : Meet The World’s ‘Bendiest’ Woman [You Think can Go Down Low?]

She is the world's
bendiest woman who says twisting her
feet behind her head and cramming
herself into a 50cm square box 'just
feels very natural to me'.

He he he

For many of us, simply bending over to touch our toes can be a difficult. But it's not a problem for Julia Günthel aka Zlata. In fact, if she wants to touch her toes she can actually do so by twisting her legs up to her head.

Russian-born Zlata can contort herself into the most extreme poses
imaginable – and has broken numerous
world records for her flexibility.
The former gymnast, who is 5ft 8in,
is so flexible she can cram herself into a 50cm squared box.

She'd make a great dancer to I'm guessing!

Culled from Daily Mail.

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