TECH : The Latest Feature to Become a New Standard in Cell Phones and the Havoc It’ll Cause

First cell phones took over internet devices, then GPS devices, then, through apps, more and more electronics became assimilated into the cell “phone”.

I think it’s about time the TV Remote went a similar way. Thanks to HTC and Samsung’s success of their new flagship devices with built-in infrared sensors and user friendly software, I think more and more cell phone manufacturers should go this route and let us remove one more electronic from our lives.


 -Simply click a show to get taken straight to it. No need to scroll through a guide forever or remember channels.

 -Search for shows and channels
using a touchscreen keyboard
instead of d-pad.

 -Set reminders on the device that’s always within arms reach for when shows are coming on.

 -Control any TV, cable box, home entertainment center with one device.

 -See how far a show is in without having to go to it.

 -See shows on the homescreen you’d be interested in based on selections you make when opening the app.


Err... Havoc, chaos, and armegeddon ensue at all bars, gyms, living rooms, and anywhere else with a TV.

Worth it, don’t you think?

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