TECH : Charge Your Phone While Walking [or Trekking lol]

 Do you fall out of battery power for your Phone? Are you always at camp? Your area suffering low power supply?

Soon that will all be over! Sometime come 2014, just next year, we might just be able to charge our Smartphones and other mobile devices by walking to work, going to school or even taking a jog round the neighborhood.

Solepower is the device that can help us achieve the aboves hopefully.

Although The device has not been released but its in the prototype stage. However, the makers require a $50,000 to start mass production by 18th of July. The makers of Solepower, Matthew Staton and Hahna Alexander came up with the idea as mechanical engineering students at Carnegie Mellon University.

"We initially designed SolePower to simply light an LED on the shoe so students walking to and from campus at night would be more visible," Stanton told CNET.

"After we developed a proof of concept prototype for the class we realized that there were many more applications for the device."

As you lift your leg, swing it, step on your foot, all will be converted into energy and captured by the sole, converted to usable electric device and stored in an external battery.

According to Staton, "Our initial target market will be hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts in need of mobile power,".

If you are thinking...''how about the shoe size?'', ''what about walking under the rain?'', ''will it affect how we walk?''.

Solepower founders tend to have solved all that as the footwear will be all water proof and they went ahead to consult with podiatrists to make sure the insoles don't affect how its users walk.

Its a beautiful concept and would be a greater reality if we could Charge our Phone While taking a stroll or what do you think?

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