Discover : The 3 Most Weird Animals in The World

 1. Blobfish
Psychrolutes Phrictus (Photo credit:

First up on the list is the aptly. named Blobfish. The best way I can describe this thing is by asking you to remember those old Wild West movies. Remember how everyone was always spitting their chewing tobacco into those metal bins? Well, imagine you looked into the bin after a couple of hours. What you’re looking at is basically a massive slimy blob of phlegm and snot. Throw in a two googly-eyes and use some lipstick to draw a mouth like the Joker’s. That is essentially your Blobfish.

It’s a pretty lazy animal too. It doesn’t even waste energy swimming. Found at the bottom of the sea near Australia and Tasmania, its largely gelatinous body allows it to just float on the sea floor, swallowing any edible matter that happens to float in front of it. You cannot get lazier than that. :)

2. Glass Frog
Glass Frog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In late 2007, in the Hiroshima University, some scientists were ecstatic that they had created a translucent frog. What they didn’t know was that in Venezuela, there existed a (hipster) Glass Frog which was translucent before it was cool. It’s easy to see (or is it?) that this frog isn’t very easy to hunt since it’s mostly active at night and is relatively small, only ranging from 3 to 7.5 centimetres. If you’re ever lucky enough to find one, get close enough and you might actually see its heart beating.

3. Philippine Tarsier
Philippine Tarsier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 The Philippine Tarsier got its name from the fact that it has really long tarsus bones in its feet. ᶥᵗˢ fingers are also elongated and the third finger is roughly the same size as its upper arm. But none of that matters because the thing you’ll notice first is its eyes – they’re 16 mm in diameter and are as large as its entire brain!

This creature may look cute, but its not to be messed with. Not only will it flip you the finger, but it’s the only entirely carnivorous primate still alive, meaning it attacks birds, snakes, bats and lizards.

Judging by the size of its eyes, it must have been strapped to a chair and forced to watch the entire Twilight Saga. I suppose that would explain why it attacks bats ;)

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