TECH : How To Share Android Apps With The .Apk Extension

I've known this particular tweak for a while now and it dawned on me how many times fellow friends using Android based devices call on me to send them apps from my galaxy S4. So, here it is...

You can now share apps you downloaded to your device directly from Google Play Store.

Naturally, when apps are downloaded from the Google Play Store and is installed to a device, it is almost impossible to know where the installation file is saved and it is not possible to share the app like you would share normal apps with the normal,apk extension.

The purpose of this guide is to show how you can convert these directly downloaded apps to apk and share to other Android devices.

1. DownLoad MyAppSharerapp and install to your device. You can check for it on google play store

2. Launch application and you will see all your installed apps.

3. Select the app you want to convert to apk by checking the box at the right hand side and wait for it to process.

4. Select APK by tapping the circular icon and click Share.

5. Scroll left or right to view sharing options, either via email, Bluetooth etc. All apps converted to APK can be saved to a folder called MyAppSharer which can be accessed from the File explorer app.

This means that there is no need to always convert already or previously converted apps.

Just go to the folder and you can send them as APK to anyone.

I hope this guide is of use to you.

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