Gist [fotoGRABS] : VECTOR prays for OJB

 On Monday, June 24, 2013 when representatives from the Nigerian music industry paid a visit to OJB Jezreel, while others talked and tried to cheer the producer, Vector grabbed his hand and prayed in a manner that was described as “heartfelt.”

Rapper Vector believes that more than needing N16 Million for a kidney transplant, the ailing music producer, whom people say now look pale and fragile, also needs prayers.

Speaking to TheNET afterwards, he said:
“It is unfortunate that this is happening to a man who has given a lot to see others make something out of their careers. I know we will get through all of this.”

A Committee for the ‘SaveOJBJezreel’ cause has been put in place, headed by Nomoreloss, who organised Monday’s visit. Some of the entertainers present to show support to the cause included DJ Jimmy JATT, Vector, Jaywon, Yemi Alade, Kage, Mr Cool and Kupa Victory.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, very touching. Oya, after praying donate okkay love?