‘No Fee, No Lecture’ Policy Angers Ekiti State University Students

 The students of Ekiti State University (EKSU) are angered by the “no school fees, no lecture” policy introduced by school management, and have therefore embarked on a protest, barricading the entrance to the school.

About 1,500 students took part in the peaceful protest by mounting a barricade at the school main gate to both members of staff and visitors to the school.

The Vice Chancellor of EKSU, Prof. Oladipo Aina during a press briefing said the new policy had come to stay.

“Before the policy of no school fee, no examinations, the students were owing the school close to N2 billion before I became the VC.

The new stand of the management now is ‘no school fee, no lectures’ and we are not going to compromise that stand.

“We expect our students to abide by the new policy,” the VC declared.
The Vice Chancellor said the university had not been officially closed-down, contrary to rumours being peddled in some quarters, rather it had only been sealed off to 1,500 legitimate students, who have paid their fee out of 14,000 students, who have not.

NAN reports that the students declared in vehement terms that nothing short of a reversal will make them shift ground.

As surprising as it sounds, Students not being able to Pay school Fees as at when due has been an age long incidence of which even the current of administration of such schools went through that situation while also in school.

It is only for the benefit of all if the school pardons this students by giving them a deadline that's feasible and negotiable.

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