Finally, the much anticipated gist. Badoo is now a confirmed member of Eja Nla family.

It was reported that Olamide is now signed on to DB Records according to an inside source and it was not hard getting him to accept the offer.

Olamide is (arguably) the hottest “thing” in the music industry today and any track that has his voice on it becomes a show stopper.

D’banj knows this and gave him a mouth watering deal…

The Kokomaster, according to the source, told Olamide that he could still become everything he wanted to become and even more by working under him.

He reminded Olamide that he (D’banj) had to work under Kanye West just to get more international
exposure and recognition but that he still remains an independent artiste and his own man.

Olamide naturally likes D’banj and feels at home around him. He has however put pen to paper and is №ω officially an artiste under D’banj.

Wishing Him success in all his Endeavours

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