FOTOgrabs : Meet The 'FINE LADY' Jocelyn Dumas

 For those that don't know her, she's the 'KaKa' Lady in Lynxxx's 'Fine Lady' Video ft Wizkid.

She's a Ghanian Actress, Face of Ranger Rover E Vogue (Ghana), and Yes, She has Hips!

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General Major said...

OMO, Nna mheeen, see chikito with acurate angles for hips. Okay Joselyn or whtevry You're called. Kindly come down to nig. You hv suitors on wait.

Nike Ashimolowo said...

Funny enough her hips are not well on display here. You need to see her working out on some saturdays on shorts and tantop, You'll definitly 're-look'