FOTOgrabs : American Music Star Keri Hilson Cooks Fufu for her boyfriend – NBA Star Serge Ibaka

Keri Hilson
BS blog

    Awww... When a Woman's in
    Guess Keri jus got Knocked
    down! By love (that's a line of
    a famous song ba?)

American Music star Keri Hilson‘s NBA star boyfriend, Serge Ibaka is of Congolese-Spanish descent.
And, we all know that when you date an African man, he has certain expectations of you in the

The “Pretty Girl Rock” songstress definitely didn’t shy away from those expectations when she ‘put her back into it’ to make her man some fufu. So, this makes me wonder how far in culinary expertise other women would go for their own man.

Would you go out of your way to learn how to cook your boyfriend’s native food? Or, if any of his favourite delicacies are native to Russia or Japan, would you go that extra mile to cook it for him?

That's Why I love this Oyinbos... We see their food as whack (when really, somewhere scary in our mind, we really wanna taste 'em)
But they don't mind, they'll prepare ours if chance's given.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice. I wonder ̶̷̩̥̊͡ђã†̥ excuses an african woman will give


Nice of you to think that... Most of our Nigerian women ; a little of them would actually take time to prepare fufu for their hubby or loved ones in general.