TECH [draft photo] : iPhone 6 to have front & back screens

APPLE could give the iPhone 6 curved screens on BOTH SIDES in its most radical redesign yet.

A patent taken out by the tech giants in 2011 describes the new shape, which also ditches the iconic home button.
This would be a bold move by the brand — as every iPhone to date has featured the single key below the screen.

The design features a huge, wraparound AMOLED display which has no border — instead providing top-to-bottom screen space.

It is also said to create “an illusion of depth perception” and be capable of “mimicking a 3D experience”.These images of what it could look like were created by designer Nikolay Lamm F̶̲̥̅̊☺R̶̲̥̅̊ website

Writing on the site, he played down the idea that this could be the phone to finally win the smartphone war.

He said: “It’s a cool design, but one which is unlikely to give Apple a
sustainable competitive advantage.
“If Samsung sees that Apple’s curved iPhone is selling well, it can come out with a curved phone of its own.” (Lol)

Nikolay also issued his own rallying cry to the company’s top bosses, adding: “Apple needs to look to new frontiers, new products, in order to be the ‘think different Apple' it was under Steve Jobs.”

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