There’s no doubt about it. Mode 9 is probably the best MC to have come out of this side of the Atlantic. Known for straight-up pure Hip-Hop, he’s managed
to convince everyone of his talent and stay true to his Hip Hop roots.

The thing is though, real Hip-Hop or conscious music’ doesn’t always put money in an artiste’s pockets. Yet when an artiste goes commercial in a bid to make money, certain aspects of the music community berate them for selling out’.

Mode 9 has held out long enough. On his next music project, he’s specifically targeting the commercial market. And just incase you were wondering how 'commercial’ Mode is going to get, Mode9 has confirmed exclusively to Hip Hop World that ace producer Don Jazzy is going to be the album.

Mode 9 has also lined up features from Dammy Krane, Phyno, Chop Stix and Ice Prince. “This album is for those who are not my fans, saying Mode is stiff, Mode9 is stubborn. I’ve decided to give them
the commercial version of Modo”, the 7time Lyricist on the Roll winner revealed.

The upcoming project is titled ‘Above Ground Level’. Mode 9’s collaboration album with XYZ ‘Alphabetical Order’ is out now and in stores.

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