This Particular september had another feeling to it... ☺

Could it be because of the fact that autumn this year came quite early and everywhere seems unusually dry and harsh at the same time. ☀ ☂

No... Its not the autumn, Its simply because I had checked the site of the school I'm prospectively a student and the results of the popular Post-JAMB hasn't been released...
And so I got this excitement running through my body knowing that there is another reason for my visiting the internet aside 'facebooking' ⇪

Alas! I was chosen to study Mass Communication in Olabisi Onabanjo University. ♠

So much happiness that I'll finally become a student,
So much pride that I've come a little bit more closer to my scholarly journey of being well educated, ♚

So much joy that I would become scarce within my vicinity and everyone would have to ask my mum
"iya sam, ibo ni samu lo ke" and my mum with a grin would reply them, "o ti lo si school". ♥

Fast forward that two weeks later and I've forgotten about all that euphoria, queueing up under the popular dreaded sun of the PS (permanent Site)


 Sweating profusely like its a ritual the 'gods' of PS hold on every fresher to take 'sample' of their 'sweats and blood'. ♨

Hmnn... I remembered the last day I went to the Admin's office and finalised my Verification process, It all felt like a new beginning and I could remember myself miming the famous R-Kelly's song, singing

♪ The stress is over! (The stress is over now)

But unknown to the dark fellow from the remote parts of Lagos, Its really a new beginning, but in it is the equal amount of 'wahala' in four years the Israelites might have faced for 40 years! ⚅

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Jenny said...

What's your twitter handle?


@his_Redlips , thank.

Junior ayomide said...

U never finish am ooo u no talk about ow we go waste money come sch becoz of lecture way d lecturer no go dey around or busy with some other stuff.....am very proud to be an oouite and a proud asscomite

Bukola Samuel said...

At all o, I kuku never finish. Its an Episode-by-episode writing. The next episode would continue it and wouldn't be named 'New Beginnings' again. Thanks for Reading!

olasunmade izhybee israel babatunde said...

Na so bro, God go Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ us tru oooo.......ℓ̊'m proud to be an ascomite toooo ooooo