LIFESTYLE : MEETING THE PARENTS? Things You Should Know And Learn

 It is finally the time to meet the
parents after you guys have gotten
engaged and are sure you want to spend the rest of your life together as husband and wife.

You have picked a date to meet his/her parents but you are somewhat scared, unsure or not
exactly in the know of what to do or what not to do.

The number one step is to basically
relax. Remember these people are
human, they are as human as your own parents so there is really nothing to fear.

Just inhale and exhale, calm your
nerves and act very “You”. Get rid of jitters or fears or nerves. You don’t need those.

When you relax, you would realise that things would flow naturally between your would-be in laws and you.
This is very much important if you are a man. If you act uncomfortable or nervous in front of your woman’s parents, you are
likely to create a wrong perception.

They might think you are hiding
something or worse that you are not man enough because men are calm and boys are jumpy. Now, you don’t want them asking your fiancee when you’re gone if she’s sure you’re not of funny character, so while there, be what men
are usually are; relaxed, calm and in charge.

 As a lady, when you are at your would be in laws’ place, act proper. Do not use that period to pick a see through dress or a sexy mini dress.

You don’t want your in laws to wonder if you are going to make a good wife and mother, you
want them to KNOW you will make a good wife and mother. Keep the make up minimal, you are not attending a red carpet event anyway and do not wear uncomfortable shoes or accessories.

During conversations with the in laws, do not talk too much. The trick here is, you would talk but you would not say so much you’d be considered a talkative or too little you’d be considered hostile.
As a man, charm your mother in law, engage your father in law in meaningful conversations

Throw in a few light jokes and don’t forget your “Please” and “Thank you”.

This will make them be relaxed around you and be able to take
their time to know you because guess what?

They are as nervous as you are.
They want to know if they can trust their little angel with you for the rest of her life.

As a woman, during conversations, be polite. Smile as much as you can so they can find you endearing. Win the mother’s heart and don’t hesitate to offer to join her in the kitchen even if she has thousands of maids already helping out there.

If you have gone over during lunch or dinner, offer to help set the table before the meal and clean
after the meal. Don’t take this to mean you are a maid, you are sending a message across to that woman; you can run your own household effortlessly well.

You need to let her see that and
trust that you can do it.
Do not act bored, either as a man or a woman. Don’t let them feel like you would rather not be there. When you marry their son or daughter you would have them as family for the rest of your life, so if you are bored now, what would you do for the rest of your life?
Be rid of them? Mothers like to discuss their sons, as a lady, indulge her.

Laugh at his(your fiance’s) childhood jokes and even urge
her to bring out his baby album. There’s nothing that can ensure a faster bond between a mother and daughter in law than discussing the man.

When you eventually leave, make sure you have created a nice and lasting impression. As a man, tell your would be father in law you can’t wait to see him again.

This would show him you are not
the type to cringe at the idea of being with adults.

He would trust you to protect his little angel.
As a lady, tell your mother-in-law you look forward to seeing her again.

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