2FACE... The Reason Why we all Love him.

Okay, The first time I heard the song "African Queen" I could remember vividly back then, though it all feels like a moment in My life now, that I was actually in love (hope its not what comes with puberty and all...) - with the song and with a Lady- and I could remember using some of its Lyrics in composing most SMS messages I do send to her then.

It was all like the beginning of something new in Nigeria, something that had to do with the full transition of "Old school Music to the New school" which we have now as the song gained international fame and applause, some even arguing it as the first ever Nigerian born and bred musician's song to be played and aired on international Broadcast media like MTV Base and the rest.

That's with the song and I know like everyone else that one wouldn't mention the former Plantashun Boy member without speaking of the classic song "African Queen" which as well, won Him so many Awards.

2face has come to face with many terms in His life, Part of which made Us all create this distant but emotionally close relationship with Him due to His collective struggle for Greatness in Life and truly, His was a "Grass 2 Grace" situation, as the former Kennis Music Record Label Singer went through almost life and death Situations part of which saw Armed men attack Him twice and loosing a brother in one of these attacks. 2Baba was shot at close Range (like some american Movies would say) and Yet He proved He is Undeterred, Jumping out of the Hospital to hit Us with yet another lovely Classic "If love is A Crime".

I love 2Face because, He, Unlike many of His other colleagues actually took responsibility for His deeds, a point where I had to admit the boy is HUMBLE!! One would want to show some Pride in form of self esteem after having so many accolades and awards to show for it, but no!, not this guy... and its been a lovely Journey indeed watching Him grow right in Front of Us all.

Bang!!! "Implication" was all over the place, Ibo boys playing it on the streets of Lagos, Making people come around their shops and asking with their heads obviously moving to its rhythm "abeg bros, who sing this gbedu?" and to their surprise, its 2Baba again!

I must SING!! (Enough of these girls telling me they like Husky voice; gotta work on't) and that's because, considering the Level of Achievements This Man (and yes He's a Man now) has Made, one would deem it fit if one's child shows interest in Music, Of which I'm an Example and my Father doesn't see it as Impossible for me to become a Luminary through that venture.

*sigh* I love 2Face.. (Hope this isn't becoming a Poem somewhat) and I want Him to know that As He's getting Married to His Beautiful Annie, and beginning a new Phase in His life, I wish Him well in everything.

2Baba!!! ONe LOve! Nothing Dey happun!!

Keep the good work going, Even a brother Loves You!

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