OOU Animation Party - All the Gist !

Here's introducing the first of its kind colour-filled OOU Animation party. You don't want to miss this believe me.

From timeless classics like Sponge-bob to oldies like He-Man, rock a Tee with the animation that best captures your fancy. This event promises to be a superb one with the fusion of animation into modern fashion. Come watch peeps as they make the best of sexy looking animation tees, alongside performances by OOU's bests,

Venue  - B3 Sports Cafe,Ago-Iwoye
Date    - 27th of February 2014.
Theme : My Cartoon and I
To be admitted to this event, you have to rock an Animated Personali-Tee.

To order for Tees which comes in 5 Varieties which are:
Tee Shirt 2K,
Crop Tops 2K,
Longsleeve Tees 2K5,
Sleeveless 2K

Serenitees :2366F62A.
Xtreme : 7C2BAA04.
Hallyma: 2B13FABF.
Cupcake: 25B1F664.

Remember Admission is Strictly by Animated Personali-Tees

-Packaged by Serenitees & Xtreme Clothings

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