FOTOgrabs (Tech) : PHOTOS OF STEVE JOBS' FIRST DAY AT WORK - Discovered by former colleague

I was surfing through the net in search of something new about Phones (apple precisely) and I stumbled upon this and decided to give it a share in respect to the man who once tried to dethrone apple's executive board in 1985 and actually did that (somewhat) 10years later, this time, showing (and proving to) them his sole reason for the unsuccessful act by making sure, Apple's product get all the painting needed as well as become the world's number one highest used and 'loved' brand of smartfones and gadgets.

Well, According to News Australia...

STEVE Jobs didn't always wear his
signature black skivvy. In fact, newly found photos showed he wore purple on his firstday at work.
Well kind of.

A former Apple employee recently
discovered a set of photos of Steve Jobs taken on the first day of his return to the company.

Jobs had been fired from Apple in 1985 after allegedly organising a "Coup d'├ętat" of the Apple board.

He was invited back to the company more than a decade later in 1996.

Former Mac OS Evangelist Tim Holmes had been working late that night, and was invited by his boss to attend a "Town Hall" meeting which was usually for things like
company announcements.

However, "it was clearly not a company meeting," Holmes wrote on his Flickr account.

Another pic below

Holmes said he called his wife and told her to meet him there. "We had no idea what was about to happen."

You can guess what happened next. Apple was about to introduce Jobs as the de- facto chief.
(Then CEO, Gil Amelio would be
ousted within a year).

The photos were taken with one of Apple's first cameras, the Apple QuickTake. It was a camera Jobs himself would kill within the year, and probably for good reason.

The colours were all wrong.
Holmes emphasized that Jobs was wearing a black jacket "in real life", as opposed to the bright purple it appears to be in the

"The colours are way off due to the poor quality of digital cameras in 1996," Holmes explained.

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